Here is the original 2006 documentary idea that went nowhere slowly. This is where I first met the man referred to as The Dealer in the Marijuana Interviews. All that time I was thinking CurrentTV or even HBO. I should have pitched the Home & Garden channel!


In our piece called A Veteran’s Story, the Navy vet can be seen in this video from 2007. He appears at the 4 minute mark saying, “Wanna go for a boat ride?” This is the ship to which I refer in the back-story within the story.


In The Set Up for the Marijuana Interviews I refer to having a front row seat to the Tet Offensive, battle of Khe Sanh and the fall of Hue. The seat was at 18,000 feet in one of these C-121 Constellations. Most probably in all of them! This 8mm film was taken in 1970, I was there in 1968. Same Connies but the fighters flown from the base in ’68 were F-105s instead of these F-4s.