Marijuana Diaries

The Set Up
The introduction to our series of documentary interviews with people in some way associated with marijuana – legally or otherwise. The producer discloses his own connection and history with cannabis dating back to a hitch in the USAF during the Vietnam war.
Marijuana Interviews: The Set Up by James Eaton
Audio clips in this segment include Fraternity of Man, Country Joe MacDonald and the genius of the late Bill Hicks. The Marijuana Interviews are ©2011 James Eaton Associates but don’t hesitate to download and share.

The Dealer
Or we should say, a former dealer. A longtime marijuana grower wakes up one day to find the business has changed. Sixteen states now have some form of legalized medical marijuana. No longer do you need to “know someone who knows someone” to obtain pot. Our dealer says marijuana dispensaries are “popping up like mushrooms in Spring.” How long before you can buy it at Starbucks?
Marijuana Interviews: The Dealer by James Eaton
In order to protect our source, the voice of The Dealer has been altered. Music clips in this segment by Cab Callloway and Tom Petty.

The Prescription User
Does he have a legitimate medical need or is he using the system to enjoy his herb without legal interference? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)
Marijuana Interviews: The Prescription User by James Eaton
Music clips in this segment by Fraternity of Man.